Don’t mug yourself, get to Jamie’s

“You need to hold it down Jack, put your phone back
 quit staring into space and eat your snack, that’s that”

The Dear Luncher was roaming the streets of the Brisbane CBD and humming along to the tune of Don’t Mug Yourself, by The Streets when he happened to stumble across Jamie’s Italian on Edward Street. How fitting. English geezer tune in The Dear Luncher’s head, English geezer restaurant (albeit with an Italian orientation) for dinner. Serving the aces and it’s game set and match.

As a lone diner, The Dear Luncher was seated at a bar that surrounded a food prep area with the other lone diners. It didn’t take long to begin appreciating the surrounds. The setting at the rear of Jamie’s Italian is something to behold. Particularly this bar area surrounding by smoked meats, garlics, onions and other assorted finery. Central to this bar area was a lone staff member preparing dishes.

Super friendly staff, it has to be said. They even sang happy birthday to someone behind Your Dear Luncher. This was startling, as The Dear Luncher was in a world of his own admiring the scenery. Your Dear Luncher didn’t waste any time ordering. Red meat was desired and the Italian steak and fries (+purple slaw) ($28.50) screamed all sorts of obscenities at him – demanding to be selected. A 250ml glass of the Bolgarello Rosso ($17) also made the cut.

Not much of a wait later both items arrived and were consumed with delight. Chilli levels were terrific on the chips, resulting in decent forehead sweat.


The quality indicator with a steak like this is how much shredding of the beefy fibres can occur when chewing and moving it around with the tongue. This was a delightfully prepared steak, it has to be said. It accurately reflected The Dear Luncher’s understanding of an old-world Italian steak.

The ambience of this venue is just extraordinary. The Dear Luncher cannot recommend it highly enough and will most certainly be returning. The only criticism – it’s a minor one – The Dear Luncher does not enjoy being asked how his meal is four times by the very attentive staff. Once? Sure – no problem. Anything more than that it becomes annoying.

That minor quibble aside this is a serious operation and well worth a visit if you are in Brisbane.

Jamie's Italian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: 237 Edward Street, Brisbane.
Phone: (07) 3144 3000
Cuisine: Italian


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