Docklands = No Sanctuary

“All I can say is that my life is pretty plain. I like watching the puddles gather rain”

Medici Bar & Ristorante (aka Café Medici) is one of a plethora of dining options along the New Quay Promenade in Docklands. You get the impression that scenes from The Walking Dead could be filmed in the Docklands precinct during lunch time on a school day. Restaurants are often empty. Your Dear Luncher observed lonely staff members Windexing windows over and over as they waited patiently for custom of any kind.

The building and facade itself looks a little bit tired. However, the giant Mona Lisa inside was somewhat impressive.


Your Dear Luncher does not frequent The Docklands area for meals all that often, however on this occasion an old comrade insisted on a lunch spot near his gulag. It would appear most of these venues have lunch specials to draw in clientele, and Medici Bar & Ristorante was no exception.


A fairly uninspiring set of choices it has to be said. However, one does not order a $15 lunch special that also includes an alcoholic beverage and expect to be swept off one’s feet. Your Dear Luncher could not remember the last time he had eaten a Steak Florentine and as a consequence this particular dish became the short-priced favourite for selection. As we ordered beverages, The Dear Luncher did consider other dishes but stuck with his (portly) gut instinct and ordered the Steak Florentine. Your Dear Luncher’s partner in crime ordered the steak sandwich.


Ugly, isn’t it? Your Dear Luncher cannot help but think something better could have been done with how this monstrosity was plated and presented. A few rag-tag chips surrounded the Steak Florentine, but they look embarrassed to be there. This was the weirdest looking Steak Florentine Your Dear Luncher has ever had the misfortune of laying his eyes on. That being said, the description did say it would be crumbed, so The Dear Luncher was not entirely surprised.


Conversely, the steak sandwich had a little more sex appeal, at least in so far as presentation and first impressions were concerned. Nonetheless despite being a tad crestfallen at what was put in front of him, The Dear Luncher armed himself with his tools and began to devour his ugly meal.


Looks can sometimes be deceiving. The Steak Florentine shown here was a bit like the nerdy girl at school who ends being more appealing when she gets a bit older. It was by no means outstanding in its flavours and quality – but for the price paid it certainly delivered Your Dear Luncher some lunchtime satisfaction. The chips were extremely average.

Medici Bar & Ristorante gets to the pass mark of 2.5 on Zomato because the service was prompt and professional – it would want to be, given the low occupancy rate. The food was OK, certainly passable. But there is just something very banal and tired about this place. Or perhaps it’s not so much Medici, but more the sterile and wind-swept Docklands surrounds.

If the Zombie Apocalypse does ever arrive however, you will find plenty of options to hide and gather provisions in the Docklands area – so at least it has one good thing going for it.

Café Medici Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: 36 New Quay Promenade, Docklands, Melbourne.
Phone: (03) 9600-4160
Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean


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