You can be my wing man any time

“If I  had wings I would fly, let me contemplate. I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate”

Do you like chicken? Specifically, the appendages of chicken made famous by the Buffalo region of New York? Then look no further than Wings of Glory, on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne. Your Dear Luncher caught a tram from the CBD and it only took 9 minutes to get there. The Number 12 tram that goes down Collins Street will transport you there with ease.

Two of the greatest things in the world – wings and beer

My Dear Wingettes and Drummetes as you’re well aware by now – American dude food has well and truly taken flight in Australia. So much so that there are now dedicated wing eateries, and this My Dear Readers is a glorious thing.


Options people, you have options. You are able to select any number of combo package options. You don’t even have to order wings. You can be a complete moron and order a wrap instead! The Dear Luncher does not even wish to contemplate what the fuck vegetarian wings are [shudder]. Flavour your wings, choose a side and even choose your dip. SO MANY ACTIVITIES.


The Dear Luncher elected a combo option as it was his first time visiting Wings of Glory. 10 wings, dipping sauce, chips and a tap beer. The tap beer was an extra $5 on top of the $16.90. Not too economical but one does not consume wings without beer. As Your Dear Luncher waited, he observed his surrounds a little more. This venue was tidy, well presented and clean.


Before Your Dear Luncher commences reporting on the meal itself, there’s something you should know. The Dear Luncher is not a novice when it comes to wings. Your Dear Luncher has travelled far and wide. He has also enjoyed the pleasure of living in the United States of America for several months. The Dear Luncher is a wings veteran. The Dear Luncher has even made several attempts to prepare wings (with varying degrees of success) for his prisoners, erm, guests.

The anticipation grew rapidly and a mere ten or so minutes after ordering, the food took its place at the table.


The chips on the right side of the basket were much like a potato crisp, only deep fried. This was an interesting change-up. The wings looked glorious on the left. The strength of sauce/flavour requested was “The Happy Medium”, which appeared to be the 2nd hottest available. The dipping sauce selected was the blue cheese dipping sauce. Truth be told this should always be the staple when it comes to good wings, the blue cheese accompanies it so well.

Close-up of the wings – delightful

What was the verdict then? These are excellent wings, doubtless. The level of heat for medium was just right for Your Dear Luncher. The Dear Luncher can take more heat, though he is not prepared to consider entering the Fury challenge on offer at this establishment for the competitive eaters. Well balanced wings all-round. The meat made it’s way off the bone comfortably in The Dear Luncher’s mouth. The quality/taste of the chicken was tremendous. The chips whilst different, were not entirely to Your Dear Luncher’s liking. They were a little over-fried as well.

The celery was left behind because Your Dear Luncher is of the belief that celery is an abomination. The Dear Luncher is currently waging a global war on celery and WINNING it.

Extremely friendly service. An entirely satisfactory dining experience. Prices a tad questionable, but The Dear Luncher does not feel as though he did not receive decent value for money. Congratulations, Wings of Fury.

“If you eat like I eat then you high like every day. And if your ass is a buster, Wings of Glory will regulate”

Wings of Glory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: 253 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.
Phone: (03) 8589-3088
Cuisine: American, Buffalo wings


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