The cheese is (not) old and mouldy

“Keep on cruisin’, buddy.
Vegetable group – corn nuts.
(Ding!) Meat group!”

The location of Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co. in the Melbourne CBD is just …what is it the kids all say  – TOTES CRAY CRAY. It’s busy, action-packed. You don’t get much more central and accessible than the corner of Elizabeth and Collins. Wear some headphones and tactfully avoid the inevitable approach from a charity worker. You have business to attend to – burger eating business*.

The interior surrounds of the venue are splendid. All sorts of seating options. Comfortable and not too pokey, an amazing feat considering just how busy it was.

The Dear Luncher and his entourage circumvented the assembly-line tactics the staff employ and insisted on being seated first before ordering. It’s amazing what can be achieved when one is polite and respectful towards staff. Be nice.

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As per usual, when debuting at a particular eatery it is always The Dear Luncher’s custom to opt for the signature product. The Betty’s Classic burger ($10) with the option of adding bacon and pickles for an extra $5. This option was duly exercised, of course. Regular readers of The Dear Luncher’s blog already knew before clicking on the review that there would have been bacon involved somehow. A side of chips was also requested, with sriracha mayo.


Glorious presentation. The patty was elite. Good combination of crispiness on the exterior, with some pinkish hues on the inside giving it a perfect balance. The bun was soft/sweet and performed exceptionally well considering the moisture pressures of three tomato slices. The melted cheese was sublime, and Betty’s Special Sauce is very special. And the bacon? Outstanding.



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Sample Brew’s most excellent pale ale was on tap – a delightful local craft beer ($9.50). Prior to this The Dear Luncher had only ever sampled their ¾ IPA – which was a stupendously good session IPA – with all the requisite IPA flavour, just a little less back bone. Pleasing to know that they are consistent in their quality across their range.


As The Dear Luncher is very much a burger connoisseur; it’s a competitive market out there and it’s hard to impress. This is why Your Dear Luncher rates Betty’s on a par with Royal Stacks. Things will die down in a few weeks if you want to avoid the crush, but Your Dear and Devoted Luncher strongly recommends visiting Betty.

*The Dear Luncher advises giving to charity once your burger business has concluded.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: 97 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.
Cuisine: Burgers, American.


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