A long time ago (last week), in a predominately Jewish suburb not so far away …. 


The Dear Luncher was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, but instead he visited Changz Canteen. The Dear Luncher’s vehicle made the Glen Eira Road run in less than 12 parsecs.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the decor within Changz Canteen is amongst the finest The Dear Luncher has ever laid eyes on. Particularly for any sci-fi or 80’s nerds. A wonderful homage to Star Wars, Stranger Things and Pulp Fiction amongst other things.

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A jovial staff member greeted and served upon entry with aplomb. Embarrassingly, The Dear Luncher was armed with two Scoopons for two burgers. A beef cheeseburger ($5) and a chicken burger ($5) were summoned. A Little Luncher was in tow, so fries and a spider was also ordered. Oh and beer (Big Wave Golden Ale), it wouldn’t be a Dear Luncher meal without one of those.


Being the only customers, the food ordered did not take long to arrive. Both burgers looked extremely appetising. The cheeseburger (containing beef, cheese, “Canteen sauce”, pickles and onions) more so. This is where the eating journey began. The pattie was excellent, as were the pickles and onions. This was a text book classic cheeseburger and enjoyment levels were high. So high in fact, The Dear Luncher paused, put it down and started on the chicken burger.

The chicken burger was scrumptious. Consisting of a fried chicken brick, lettuce, onion and mayo – it was not overly complex in its construction. This is a good thing. Let’s not over-complicate things shall we? With both burgers however, the bun was perhaps the only let down. Only a minor quibble, just not the preferred type of burger bun.

As The Dear Luncher was not in any particular hurry, several of the Changz sauces, available on each table, we’re sampled as well. Burgers and  fries were dipped into these sauces. The highlight was the Chipotle BBQ ….smokey and snappy. The green jalapeno also quite enjoyable. These were indeed the sauces Your Dear Luncher was looking for.


All in all an extremely pleasing dalliance with Changz. The Dear Luncher looks forward to returning.

The Force is very strong with those boys.

Changz Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: 256 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick, Melbourne.
Cuisine: Burgers, American, Bar Food.


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