Shout, shout, let it all out …

These are things The Dear Luncher cannot do without: dumplings and beer. And here at Dumplings and Beer, these two commodities are ready and willing participants in a Dear Luncher adventure.

When this particular establishment appeared on Your Dear Luncher’s radar, there was never any doubt. And upon arrival, the brilliance of this decision was realised before an order was even made. Seated upstairs to observe the surrounds perfectly, The Dear Luncher perched and soaked it all in.

With a menu in his hot and intrepid little hands, selections were made swiftly. A Tsingtao beer ($7), followed by pan fried pork and cabbage dumplings ($9), pulled beef rendang sliders ($9) and roast duck sliders ($9). Also ordered was one pork steam bun, but this was forgetten. In the end it worked out for the best because The Dear Luncher was bursting at the seams after the three dishes that did arrive.

Speaking of arrivals, the first dish to do just that was the dumplings and they were exquisite. The quaint way in which the condiments were arranged really added to the experience. In the interim, The Dear Luncher enjoyed watching the classic film being projected on the screen in front of him.

The dumplings went down a treat, but little did The Dear Luncher know at the time – shit was about to get R.E.A.L. The sliders arrived and they were all phenomenal. You know when you have that food thought about “ohhh that’s good, I’m gonna save that til last“. YEAH, I had that thought. Problem is, both slider varieties were equally outrageous in their appeal. Talk about #FirstWorld #FoodDilemmas.

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After a few days cavorting and/or frolicking around Sydney, The Dear Luncher was left rather satisfied and content with his culinary choices.  As a passionate believer in a future Democratic People’s Republic of Victoria – The Dear Luncher was left believing that perhaps, maybe, some parts of Sydney could be spared from annihilation.

Dumplings & Beer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: Shop 2, 9 Ward Avenue, Potts Point, Sydney.
Cuisine: Dumplings, Beer.


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