No sleep ’til, Brooklyn Depot …

Like a lemon to a lime a lime to a lemon, I sip the def ale with all the fly women”

The Dear Luncher came, saw and once again conquered yet another American food eatery. Brooklyn Depot Burgers and Brew has been open for a handful of months so it was only a matter of time folks. Located on Lonsdale Street, it is the fourth incarnation of this particular restaurant – with the other three being in Queensland and Sydney.

First impressions of the interior – a very unique layout. A huge bar island was the centre-piece with an array of tables scattered around the rest of the establishment. Lots of neon adorning the walls as well as some very spiffy fittings. A real hang out with your pals and eat dude food type operation.

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The drinks menu is voluminous. The Dear Luncher noticed that there was a rotating tap beer and immediately inquired as to what this month’s rotating tap beer was. Old mate garçon informed Your Dear Luncher that it was Quiet Deeds Session Ale. Pints of these were demolished ($10) as The Dear Luncher and the other early arrivals waited for the stragglers.

Already, the menu options were staring at The Dear Luncher and his companions and one particular item was screaming out for selection: The 3 B’s – Brooklyn BBQ Board. Priced at $45 the gaggle of hungry gentlemen accompanying The Dear Luncher decided to smash two of these.

Expansive menu

These boards were littered with a “selection of our favourite BBQ items, buffalo chicken wings, BBQ pork ribs, crispy pork belly, juicy beef short ribs, Depot slaw, & cowboy caviar, served with toasted bread slices“. Get in our face holes, the lot of ya.

Chairmans of The Board

Best on ground was the juicy beef short-rib. It was melt in your mouth gorgeous. Bloody delightful. The BBQ pork ribs were also excellent, as were the buffalo wings. The crispy pork belly was not all that interesting and the sides were ho-hum. The Dear Luncher has frequented all manner of American BBQ-style venues and whilst the meat at Brooklyn Depot was of a decent standard, the sides were found wanting. To contrast, the sides at other Melbourne venues such as Bluebonnet or Meat Maiden are streets ahead. The bread was a waste of time in all honesty – dull. The slaw was far too watery and lacked creaminess. However, on the whole, The 3 B’s was a worthwhile selection and enjoyed by all.

Here’s a closer look of the aforementioned beef short-rib demolished by Your Dear Luncher with joyful enthusiasm.

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With these two platters out of the way Your Dear Luncher’s entourage turned their attention to the next course. Hot Dawgs ($12), ‘pimped’ chicken winglets ($20), Harlem chicken tenders ($12) as well two plates of fries.

One of these plates were “Brooklyn-ised” for an extra $4. Garbage fries: smothered in bacon, onion strings, cheese and frickles, whatever the frick they are. Feast your eyes on this delectable ensemble of really unhealthy yet delicious items.

The sensational ‘garbage’ fries

The Dear Luncher opted for the beef Philly Dawg for his main. This particular dawg consists of: Depot wiener sausage topped with your choice of thinly sliced premium beef steak strips, roasted green peppers, caramelised onions and Depot special sauce. This style of Seppo dawg is not to everyone’s taste. As one fellow Luncher remarked, “mine still has a rubber on it”. However, this was a solid interpretation or version of the American hot dog scene and the many styles and varieties on offer in the United States of Goddamn Awesome America.

Philly Dawg with beef


Even the toilets are awesome. Not that Your Dear Luncher is in the habit of taking photos of toilet doors wherever he goes. This time however, it merited a quick snap.

The service was attentive despite the mayhem that ensued on a Friday during the lunch hours. Brooklyn Depot offer up take away and delivery too, which set them apart from a lot of other venues that provide similar provisions. All your usual suspects like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Foodora will bring your fat lazy arse some of this food.

“Waking up, before I get to sleep, ’cause I’ll be rockin’ this party eight days a week!”

Brooklyn Depot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: Shop 4, 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Link
Cuisine: American, Burgers, Wings, Bar Food, Hot Dogs, Craft Beer.


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